How To Stay Safe When Travelling in Australia

Australia is a safe country to visit, even though it's home to sharks, jellyfish and jellyfish, as well as crocodiles, crocodiles, crocodiles, and more spiders than you can imagine if you follow these six simple tips to ensure your safety while travelling around Australia. Slip, slip, slop, slap Sid the Seagull introduced Australians in 1981 to the

Tips for Staying Safe While Travelling in Australia During Coronavirus

People may travel to Australia as COVID-19 restrictions start to loosen in certain areas. The virus could be spread unnecessarily by your choices in the coming months. The government recommends that domestic travel be avoided. Some states and territories have taken local measures. You can review the information for your state or territory to find out

Advice for Women Travellers

Travellers abroad face risk. Women may be more at risk in certain cultures or countries than men and be more vulnerable. This general advice is designed to reduce the chance of things going wrong while you are away. This page contains information about: This page is intended for Australian women who are planning to travel abroad. See

What to Pack for your Trip

It doesn't matter if you're packing for a long road trip, spring break in Mexico, or weekend trips to Toronto; packing light has never been easier. Behind the Bricks has some great tips to help you pack everything you need in your suitcase. 1. Roll your clothes Rolling your clothes is one of the easiest and most

How To Choose Your Perfect Australian Destination

Australian experiences go beyond outback and urban adventures. They also include gastronomic delights and beaches. Choosing the right destination for your holiday is important because of the incredible diversity of culture and landscapes across the continent. Let your passions guide you as you plan an unforgettable trip to discover each Country's best events, places, and