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All About Gidget

Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper has been designed and built, driven by our mission:

To create an innovative spacious camper with contemporary features and products, whilst maintaining the classic aesthetics of an authentic retro teardrop. We developed the unique worldwide patented slide-out as well as simple action conversions from a Queen-size bed to a lounge, and a rotating entertainment console among many other features to create a camper that you would enjoy ’glamping‘ with and be proud to take on your travels.

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Teardrop campers first became popular in the 1930s and grew in popularity until the mid 1960s. There has always been a passionate population of teardrop camper fans worldwide. More recently awareness of the environment and rising fuel costs have encouraged a global trend towards smaller, more efficient 4 cylinder vehicles. Large populations now live in townhouses and apartments with one or two car spaces for parking. People everyday are discovering a love for ’glamping‘ in a teardrop camper, fitting easily with our desire for an easier, simpler life.


We began conceptualising and designing our Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper more than two years ago, testing and developing materials, features and finishes and then custom-building our Gidget prototype. The original Gidget has travelled 45,000+ kilometres, to far north Queenland and south to Tasmania, and a whirlwind trip to South Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales with a special visit to Bondi and back to Queensland in 6 days...and many points East and West. She‘s been tested in the tropical heat of Cairns, winter at Cradle Mountain, ’glamped‘ on remote beaches and in mountain rainforests, ’starred‘ at family barbeques, and ’hosted‘ many an extra guest when our house was overflowing with visitors.

After our comprehensive roadtesting it was time to go into production. When we launched Gidget on ebay, facebook and Youtube more than six months ago, we envisaged our small workshop would be able to keep up with any demand, however we have been overwhelmed by the interest world-wide, particularly Australia and the USA. Along with more than 52,000 views of our video on Youtube, and hundreds of emails, phone calls and messages from people wanting to ’get a Gidget‘, we‘ve also been contacted by dealers in Australia and the USA as well as investors and distibutors. Among these was a multi-national consortium who had searched the world for the best teardrop to distribute world-wide and chose ours as the best. This international interest highlighted opportunities for larger volume manufacturing which we needed to meet demands. Amongst these manufacturers we have been dealing with is a factory building the bodies for the bullet trains - that travel at 350km per hour - for the South Korean government, other caravan and trailer manufacturers who are doing amazing things with fibreglass. In a very busy 2013 and early 2014, we‘ve been exposed to new and innovative technologies and products some of which will be included as features in Gidget. We are pulling together the best materials and manufacturers we can find to create the best quality camper and at the same time having the buying power to make our camper fantastic value for money.  Our final assembly and finishing touches, especially the fine timberwork, will be in our Brisbane workshop and showroom, and we will setting up a similar operation in the USA for our customers there.

We are dedicated to creating the best teardrop camper world-wide and our attention to every detail is a real passion for us...right down to the finishings. The authentic retro fabric for the curtains has been sourced from California, the timber features will be made from Australian and Tasmanian timbers for Gidgets sold here, and specific North American timbers, like American Walnut, Cherry and Cedars for the USA market...and all the features you‘d expect in a much larger, high budget caravan, like pressurised water, LED lighting, 12/240 volt power, fully functioning kitchen and comfortable Queen-size bed. And we have so much more, with a rotating entertainment console, simple action internal lounge and fold up table conversion.

However...we are the only teardrop in the world that has the unique patented slide-out which converts our cute and compact camper to almost double the internal space in one simple and quick action.  

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