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Gidget owners are a growing, yet close-knit, community now in 4 countries...australia, new zealand, uSA and Canada.

We affectionately call Gidget owners—Gidget Glampers—though many owners refer to themselves by other fun names like, Gidget Gypsies, Gidget Groupies and Gidgeteers. Our Glampers live near and far from each other so we have ways to connect and build our community through a private online facebook page, meetups and rallies.

GIDGET GLAMPERS is the only official Gidget owners group. Any other groups have no connection to or affiliation with Gidget—our camper, our brand, or our company—and do not represent our Gidget or our international community.


The Gidget Glampers Facebook group page has been created as a ‘happy meeting place’ for any Gidget owners who are members. Here they can share their ‘glamping’ experiences, discoveries, creations, knowledge and exciting holiday plans with other Gidget owners, with the sole purpose of providing a positive and supportive environment which allows all members to feel they are a valuable and respected member of a growing community of like-minded people.  

Glampers are encouraged to share stories, photos and videos which are intended to enhance the travel, camping and lifestyle experience of themselves and other members. For example, sharing the details about a family-friendly campground they have found, creating a handmade quilt for their Gidget, a secret fishing spot and their ‘catch of the day’, how they are enjoying camping with their pets, clever ways to make use of space in their camper, retro-styling Gidget or finding a vintage item in a country antique shop, sharing their travel itinerary and planning a meet-up with other owners—all of these types of stories reflect the values for this page and are encouraged.

The Gidget Glampers Facebook page is a private group with membership open only to Gidget owners, and cannot be found in a search. This is to protect our members' privacy online as they live and travel. Only members can see and comment on posts on our group page. They have a chance to positively influence the lifestyles of other members by the choice of information and experiences you share….
so we say go ahead and have fun –
‘Live and Love the Lifestyle’.


We plan local, regional and national events like rallies and road tours with a national tour planned for each year where Glampers can 'join in' when and where they like or stay for the whole tour.


We have a monthly prize for the most popular story shared on our group page and annually we announce a major prize which is decided by random draw. The prize for 2016 was a holiday for 2 to Hawaii for 7 days including airfares.


Our Gidget Glampers have access to a whole range of practical and useful resources, including the Gidget Users Manual, helpful fact sheets, guides, instructional videos and camping hacks. We are continuously adding more resources and regularly revise and update information....all available via a simple view or download on our group page.


Currently we also send out a regular Gidget Glampers Newsletter for those who aren't using social media. This keeps all our owners up to date with information and the latest news.