Airport Travel Hacks to Make Your Trip More Efficient

Are you ready to go on your next vacation? Air travel is about going to an exotic and new place where you can relax, rest, and enjoy the adventure. However, it also involves airports and the many other unpleasant aspects of traveling. We’ve put together this list of travel hacks that will make your trip more enjoyable, less expensive, and more comfortable.

Pre-Booking: Incognito Mode

When searching for flights, make sure to use the incognito mode. This will prevent the airline websites from tracking your searches with cookies. In turn, this will result in lower flight prices. This means that the price of a flight will increase if you search for it more often. It’s called the law of supply-demand, people!

Book Directly before you book

Fly direct whenever possible. Flying directly to your destination eliminates the risk of a layover. You can miss your connecting flight, have it canceled, lose your luggage, or have it arrive at the wrong place. Although it may be more expensive, it is always worthwhile and makes traveling less stressful. Look for flights with a longer stopover if you can’t fly direct. If your first flight is delayed, you don’t need to rush through the airport looking for your next flight.

Red-Eye Flight Pre-Booking

Red-eye flying is a great option if you can sleep on the plane. You can avoid the lines and crowds because you will be flying during off-peak hours. You’ll find that red-eye flights are usually less expensive, which will make your trip more affordable. Even if you have to get up very early, you should consider the earliest flight if you cannot handle red-eye. Your airport experience will be more enjoyable if you take early morning flights. They are less likely to be delayed or canceled. They are also slightly more affordable than flights departing at more convenient times.

Before you fly: Change to solids.

Nothing is worse than finding out that one or more liquids in your bag have leaked or exploded. There are several ways you can prevent this, but the best is to avoid liquids altogether. Before you go, a shampoo bar, conditioner bar, and soap bar from LUSH are all good options. These soaps are so good, and you may find yourself switching to permanent shampoo bars. Also, you can get products like toothpaste, body lotion, and facial cleanser as solids. This allows you to travel more easily without compromising the quality of your hair and skin care.

Layer your clothing before you fly

Layering is a good idea when packing for your trip. Layering your clothing is a smart idea as temperatures can vary between where you are and the destination. You don’t have to sweat it out or freeze when your seatmate blows their air vent. Instead, you can add or remove layers as necessary, making for a more comfortable experience. You can also avoid spending on one of the thin blankets they give you onboard.

Be sure to wear heavy, bulky or bulky clothing and footwear before you fly.

You don’t have to take a large suitcase, but you should pack well! You can bring your bulky, heavier items of clothing and footwear (such as winter boots) through security if space is an issue. You can change into lighter clothing if you wish before you board your plane. This is a great way to add weight to your bag without weighing down your clothes.

Comfortable clothing is essential before you fly.

We understand that not everyone needs to wear suits or ties on flights. However, many people don’t need to. Comfortable clothes will keep you comfortable on your flight, it’s obvious. This is especially important if you have a delay in your flight or a long overnight flight. You can ditch the suit and skirt for comfortable jeans, leggings, and a sweater over your favorite t-shirt. You are not being judged!

Make sure you have a reusable empty water bottle with you before you fly.

Many people mistakenly believe they must buy water after security because of the liquid restrictions. You can reduce plastic waste by bringing a reusable water bottle to security. Fill it at the many fountains around the airport. You will be hydrated as the dry air at high altitudes can dehydrate you. Avoid the temptation to drink too much water to avoid the need to use the onboard restrooms. Instead, drink plenty of water. Drinking water will make you feel more comfortable after a flight, especially if you plan on having a glass of wine.

Dry snacks from home before you fly

Airports are known for their bland and expensive snacks and food. Did you know you can take dry snacks such as trail mix, chocolate bars or protein bites through security to the plane? As always, make sure you check with your airline to confirm. You don’t have to purchase food at the airport if you plan. This is good news for your wallet and those with special dietary requirements.

Before you fly, pack earplugs and a sleep mask.

Earplugs or a sleep mask are great for blocking any noises or fluorescent lighting. These are great to have if your flight is delayed or you need some sleep. Although you can buy them at an airport kiosk or flight attendants, they will cost quite a bit, so it’s worth bringing them home.

Before you fly: Know where you’re going.

Do a quick Google search to find out the characteristics of the airports that you are flying into before you go. This is important if you have a layover you might miss or cancel. It is important to determine if the terminal remains open at night and if your connecting flight departure gates are within walking distance (or in the same building). It is also important to know what type of food and shops you can find. Although this may seem overwhelming, it is important to have a plan and a backup plan in an emergency.

Download your Airline App at the Airport

Although you might think that you have enough apps on your smartphone, downloading the airline app and your flight information helps keep track of gate changes, delays, and cancellations. The updates are usually available before the announcement, so you don’t need to worry about missing them. This is especially important if you have headphones on at the airport. Some airlines also use their apps to provide in-flight entertainment. If you wish to view a movie while in flight, make sure you download it while still on the ground and connected to wifi.

At The Airport: Airline Lounge

Did you know that almost all airlines have VIP lounges at every airport? They are a wonderful place to relax. They are available to VIPs who fly so often (many business people have this status), but they can purchase a day pass for most of them. You will find comfortable seating, quiet, high-speed internet, free high-speed wifi, and many include snacks, buffet-style meals, and alcoholic beverages. Even though you might not want to pay for it if your layover lasts less than an hour, these lounges can be a great option if you have a longer stay or are stuck at the airport.

A Seat Near The Gate at the Airport

People are less likely to bring more than one suitcase, a backpack, or a purse. This is a common allowance for luggage. Overpacked overhead bins can result in people asking for help to check their hand luggage. If you are okay with that, then you can sacrifice your bag. However, many people carry on to save time at the luggage counter upon landing. Grab a seat near the boarding desk if you want your carry-on to be a carry-on. Then, jump in line when your zone is called. The last group to the board is more likely to check their bags, which can add time and hassle upon landing.

Airport Loading: Transfer leftover currency to a gift card

You can load foreign currency onto a gift card if you have some money left over at the end of your flight. This is especially useful if you have a Starbucks, David’s Tea or Booster Juice at the airport. You can take any large bills that you have leftover to your bank. However, most banks and currency exchanges won’t accept small amounts. This is a great way not to waste money!

Snacks and drinks onboard a flight

Many airlines still offer small snacks and non-alcoholic beverages as a complimentary service. If they approach you and ask you what you would like, do not hesitate to ask them for the entire can of whatever you are ordering and one of each snack. Most times, the flight attendant won’t mind giving it to you, especially if they are polite.

On Flight: Moisturize

Our skin is more susceptible to breakouts and dehydration from flights. Your skin will feel worse upon landing if you fly for a longer time. You can’t take large bottles of cream or cleanser on board the plane. Instead, you can use an empty container for contact lenses and add a bit of cream and cleanser to each one. You can wash your face and moisturize your skin halfway through your flight. A small, portable facial mist can be brought onboard. Spraying a bit every hour may help to keep your skin moisturized. To hydrate your skin further, you can bring a sheet mask for when you arrive at your destination.

On Flight: Peppermint Essential Oil

A small roll-on peppermint essential oil, such as this one from See, is another great thing to bring along. Roll some oil onto your neck and temples if you have tension or a headache. You can also roll some on your hands and inhale the oil to clear your sinuses. This oil is great for reducing some of the adverse effects of flying. It smells great, too!

After You Arrived: Take a Break from the Sweat

Even if there was no time change, most people feel tired upon landing. It’s tempting to nap, but it will likely cause you to lose your sleep the next night. You can beat sluggishness by getting active and working out. This will help you get up and enjoy your day at your destination. You can do as little like a yoga class in your hotel room or as much as you like.

Before you head home, shop online for groceries.

Is there anyone else who tries to empty their fridge before going on a trip? While you don’t want food to waste while on vacation, this can also mean that you return home with a full fridge. Order some groceries online a few days before your return flight. You can choose delivery for the day that you are returning home. This will ensure that you have something to eat upon your return from vacation, even if you are jet-lagged.

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