To put it simply our Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper is designed not only to be lightweight, aerodynamic and economical to tow, it is set up in 30 seconds, not only very easy to use but enjoyable for our customers with every feature and function ‘Gidgetised’...that is works, looks and feels great.

Our success has been built on this mission as the foundation for our design and our company.


When designing our Gidget we have a very strong vision: Every feature and function of Gidget needed to meet these three important benchmarks:

1.    Be easy to operate and use, over and over again...so that our owners would continuously enjoy every aspect.
2.    Be robust, practical and functional [no tokens, all features had to have a purpose and that purpose fully developed], easy to maintain and very long lasting.
3.    Be AESTHETIC, never compromising design over aesthetics or aesthetics over design but finding a solution that equally met both.