Gidget is a family business based in Brisbane, Australia. The inventor, Glenn Wills, and his partner/designer, Christine Bree, began conceptualizing and designing the first Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper in 2012. This process involved testing and developing materials, features and finishes and then custom-building their Gidget prototype. They dedicated themselves to creating the most inventive, functional and beautiful teardrop camper possible. This original Gidget has travelled 90,000+ kilometres throughout the varied and rugged conditions of Australia—equal to several lifetimes of use. She has been tested in the tropical heat of Cairns and cold winters at Cradle Mountain. She has been their glamper camper on remote beaches and in mountain rainforests. She has been the star at family barbeques, and host to many an extra guest when their house was overflowing with visitors.

After all of this comprehensive road-testing, “lifestyle” testing, and more attention and demand than they ever anticipated - it was time to go into production. Operations started out in a small warehouse in 2014 and has expanded three times since. All Gidget Campers are custom-built to order under one roof in the Australian factory by skilled craftsmen and tradespeople. All the materials and components are top of the line. The timbers are sustainably sourced from locations throughout Australia and the US. The accessories are selected for style and function. The authentic retro curtain fabrics are hand sewn. And Gidget is the only teardrop in the world with our patented slide-out and several features and innovations not available in other teardrop campers.


Gidget Founders, Designers and Australian company owners Glenn Wills and Christine Bree manage Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper PTY LTD from their company headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

Our Gidget North America HQ (USA & Canada) is owned by our licensees, Kathleen & Dwight Wills operating as Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, LLC from their office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  For US and Canadian sales, please visit www.gidgetusa.com.