With Gidgets at homes all across Australia and New Zealand, and now at homes in the USA, our international community of Gidget owners is growing. We're proud our Australian designed and built Gidget is now part of holiday plans, weekend escapes, big adventures and an environmentally friendly, energy self sufficient, fuel efficient, compact lifestyle for so many people. We wish all our Gidget owners happy, fun, relaxing, exciting, awe inspiring adventures....Living and Loving the Gidget Lifestyle. 

Thank you Gidget Glampers for sharing your kind words. 



"It's been a journey worth waiting for. Starting our first trip with Gidget USA 006 (third on the road in the US), in Long Beach CA after picking her up this morning.

I'll share more as we progress, but for all you American customers out there, the wait is worth it. I'm in awe of the craftmanship, creativity and innovation in this beautiful teardrop camper. It was this that sold me originally and to see it in the flesh is nothing short of inspiring.

Thank you Chris, Glenn, Dwight, Kathleen, Pam and the entire team in Brisbane for your persistence to make Gidget USA a reality. Congratulations and many thanks!"

Their Gidget at the Australian Factory. Owner photos to come soon.

Their Gidget at the Australian Factory. Owner photos to come soon.


We wanted to say how excited we are to start our adventures with "Stargazer" are a few photos [to come] of when my husband picked her up today. She is now safe and sound at our home in Phoenix, AZ. Our first trip is in a few weeks, can't wait and will update more photos as we travel. Thanks Gidget team again for all your hard work to produce an absolutely beautiful product that is beyond words

R.R'S Gidget ready for pick up in Charleston, USA.

R.R'S Gidget ready for pick up in Charleston, USA.

R.R. Connecticut, usa

"When I first laid on eyes on our Gidget in the warehouse in Charleston I couldn't stop smiling it looked so cool, it's stance with the wide tires and chrome wheel covers, tight fenders, exterior running lights, the hefty suspension visible underneath, the stainless skirting and corner moulding I thought, this unit is pretty special, after a brief walk through and some pictures with Dwight & Kathleen we were off headed North for home. Our Subaru OutBack had no problem pulling the Noosa 1000 miles to home and the Noosa traveled smoothly with no problems.

When I got home I put the Noosa in the garage and opened it up and really checked it out, the fit and finish, quality of workmanship and materials throughout this unit is impressive, I checked out a couple of other Tear Drop brands in person and the quality was not there.
Thank you Gidget for producing a quality product."

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"We wanted to get back into camping after a break of about 15 years from it. We had had tents, camper trailers etc. Loved the camping but not impressed with packing up the wet canvas! We wanted something quick and easy to set up, no canvas, the ability to store it at home and that didn't require buying a new car to tow it. Not asking much, were we! And then we saw the Gidget prototype in Torquay, Victoria and home we went to Google it.(Christine doesn't remember being in Torquay, but we do!) Wow, it seemed to have everything we were after. Glenn and Chris showed it to us on our next trip up north. Yep, we were sold. We were lucky enough to visit the different factories and meet with Glenn and Christine on about 4 occasions, from the time of ordering in October 2014 to when we collected it on June 1 this year. We had 7 days to get back to Victoria on an Unregistered Vehicle Permit. We did it in a lot less days because of the east coast low that was chasing us south. Lots of rain but no wet canvas to pack up in the morning! Even from our first night out, people came to look and check out our Noosa. They couldn't believe everything that it had in it. Nor could we. We had put together a few basic goods for our trip home and they are still in the same spots,nothing has really needed to be moved. Life is pretty good with our Noosa.

Our first night. Of course the wineglasses were packed!We confused so many caravanners parking on the concrete...."But you haveto park on this side," they would say.And we just replied, "We have two doors and can park on either side or on theconcrete. " Two Doors? They loved it!!!



"Our Gidget Story.....September 2013, Mission Beach, North Queensland 

We were camped in a field with several hundred other cycling enthusiasts and if you have ever spent time in the wet tropics of Queensland you know it rains a lot! ...We woke to a very wet camp on Sunday morning and our first thoughts were packing up a wet tent, and having to dry it out when we got home. Not a happy camper. 

The previous evening the most beautiful little camper drove into the field. 

We were very impressed and joined many others for a closer look. So on Sunday morning with our camp soaked we knew this was exactly what we needed.  Our aging bodies deserved a little comfort while we enjoyed travelling in the great outdoors. 

GIDGET GROUPIES (Autosaved)-1.jpg

We had considered other campers but again it meant packing up wet canvas and nothing compared with the features of Gidget.  After talking to Glenn & Christine and they mentioned that they were thinking of manufacturing the Gidgets we were hooked.  “OK, so where do we place our order and here’s a deposit! “ 

So the journey began for us and Gidget...."