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Below are specific order forms for your chosen Gidget model.  Please click the relevant button to access your order form, then print, complete and sign the T&Cs then scan and email back to us at

Refer to the Custom Swatches below to make your included custom choices.

If you are not sure of your preferences right now and want more time to think, that's OK, you can submit your order into production and you have until the later stages of assembly to lock these in. We follow up with you at this time, and you also have a chance to change any choices you have made.

If you have any questions or need further guidance please contact us.

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It all started with our Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, a modern and innovative camper in a retro style. She's compact and cute but there's so much more to Gidget.


The GIDGET BRUMBY is a true off-road camper with an all terrain independent suspension, gas shock absorbers and our full roll cage supported body.

Start with a BRUMBY and add upgrades and accessories as you like, or...go for the BRUMBY WILD with
the works!

You can PERSONALISE YOUR GIDGET through a whole range of included custom choices. The included choices are shown on page 1 of the order form, any optional upgrades are on page 2. You can see photos and videos of different Gidgets here.