Signs that you miss traveling

It’s very difficult to stay put once you have the travel bug.

We have been without travel for over a year and still have some time before seeing it return. We’re looking through photos from previous trips, browsing lockdown and trying to find creative ways to bring the outside in. We like to think so. We do all do strange things when we aren’t traveling. And we know you do too.

Continue reading to find out if there are any funny signs you miss traveling (perhaps a lot more than you want to admit).

1. You have already watched all of the New York movies on Netflix. Twice. This is a good time to rewatch Friends.

2. You find yourself daydreaming. You change your dream location every 5 minutes.

3. To check if you have any packing skills, pack and unpack your bag every other day. They are better than ever!

4. Insta-shopping, Twittering, finding inspiration on Pinterest, and watching late-night Tumblr porn. You thought everyone else had deleted your Facebook account!

5. You feel lost, anxious, or stressed.

6. You don’t need to buy things you don’t use, such as packing cubes and a portable grill.

7. It’s not something you realize, but suddenly, you start speaking Spanish with your Dutch neighbors.

8. With a selfie stick, you can take selfies in your bathing costume. To be sure, it fits. It won’t.

9. If you are constantly checking flight prices, who know when you’ll find that 1 USD deal?!

10. Checked: SPF cream; Outdoor speaker: check; Ice-cold cocktails: checked; Towel checked – Now it’s time to sunbathe on the balcony and test your sunglasses collection!

11. Virtually, you plan your entire trip around the globe – one per day. You never know what day you’ll end up as a travel planner.

12. You may sleep on the ground, in a sleeping bag, and with all doors and windows open. Yes, it is cold. But this is what outdoor life should look like at this time of the year.

13. Google Street View is your best friend. You won’t find a better way to window shop on 5th Avenue or La Rambla on the same day.

14. Ask your smartphone’s assistant for new words in foreign languages – Hey GooRi! How do you say “Where is the nearest bar” in Mandarin?

15. Your passport, driving license, card, and ID are all safe and sound in your travel purse…on the table alone, looking at every day. You can sometimes hear it whispering ” Wheeen?” as you pass it.

16. Your GoPro camera is strapped to your body as you walk around the house. You never know when your GoPro camera might capture that moment that will make it famous on TikTok.

17. Listen to Italian-speaking radio stations. It sounds great, even though you don’t know what they are saying.

18. It feels smaller than it used to. It seems like it has shrunk. You don’t feel at home in your house anymore. It’s time to get out and reconnect with nature.

19. Send passionate love letters to your favorite countries. (e.g., To Italy, my only love… I love your vibrant frescoes, foamy espressos, fine wines, and turquoise grottoes. Your cobblestones transport me back in time, and your food makes my heart beat…

20. You decide to start making your beer. It’s not Oktoberfest, but it does feel like it after a while.

21. Practice yoga meditation on the roof of your building, pretending that you’re in a landscape hotel in Norway. You do this until an administrator arrives and disturbs your zen.

22. All those postcards you collected while on vacation are finally yours. Each one is written by you, pretending that you’re there and describing your activities. You then send them to yourself and wait impatiently for the postman.

23. Every day, Skillshare offers pastry cooking classes.

24. International newspapers are only available to you. Even German newspapers, even though the only words that you can understand in German are Uber, sauerkraut and Mercedes-Benz.

25. Your sofa can be used as a safari vehicle.

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