We first announced the new model Gidget Brumby mid 2016 and since our Off-Road model has undergone an evolution of its own. Now even more exciting in design, range of inclusions and desirable features...built for endurance, ready for your adventures.

In keeping with all our award winning, Australian designed and craftsmen built Gidgets you’ll be camping in comfort and style with the added element of adventure with Brumby’s robust full off-road chassis and suspension, and roll cage supported body. You’ll also have the Gidget luxury kitchen as well as a full kitchen extension, quality fit-outs and of course a queen-size bed with large skylight overhead and large windows either side thanks to our patented, unique Gidget slide-out.

Naturally, you’ll want to camp in remote places ‘off the grid’. No problem! All our Gidgets are environmentally friendly, fully self-sufficient with large water and waste tanks and built in solar panel system. Add lots of USB chargers and 12V outlets, entertainment via a built-in TV and stereo, plug for satellite aerial you can stay connected (or not, it’s up to you). There’s also a well-placed control panel with all your gauges and switches to monitor your usage....and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Brumby's are packed with included features....the Brumby WILD is packed with 'the works'.



Australia’s wild horses—The Brumby—have proven themselves adaptable and intelligent. Revered for their stamina, agility and sure footedness. They are known for strength, endurance, versatility, adaptability, for being wild and free. For surviving extreme and harsh conditions with our pioneers and for serving as mounts for our cavalry in WWI and WWII.

The Brumby has become an integral part of Australian folklore, a beautiful majestic animal which has continually evolved to adapt to the Australian wild remote country and harsh Outback—from the cold temperatures of the Australian Alps to the heat of inland deserts.

The BRUMBY is packed with THESE INCLUDED features:

  • Cruisemaster XT Coil Independent trailing arm suspension with coils, quad gas shocks, electric brakes
  • TREG 360° tow coupling
  • Gidget Brumby drawbar steel specs: 150mm x 50mm x 5mm RHS
  • Chassis [Sub-frame] steel specs: 100mm x 50mm x 5mm RHS
  • 75mm DIA roll cage supporting and 50mm DIA kicker bars
  • Unique patented slide-out feature nearly doubling the size of the cabin interior
  • Queensize bed and quality high density mattress
  • Lounge conversion from bed to lounge to bed in 3 easy steps
  • Full width skylight for natural light and sleeping under the stars
  • Large screened awning windows on slide-out
  • Kitchen extension, creating a complete second work area
  • Glass lidded sink with pressurised water and tap
  • Easy to access and use control panel console
  • 2 doors, one either side of body
  • In cabin entertainment system with 24” Full HD TV + USB + PVR
  • In cabin Stereo radio and dual speakers
  • 3 burner glass lidded gas cooktop with glass lidded sink, pressurised water
  • Energy efficient 110W solar panel system and LED lighting
  • loads of 12V plugs and USB chargers
  • 240V and 12V power via included battery and battery charger
  • Cabin storage equal to over 7 standard suitcases
  • 160L Water tank and 40L waste tank
  • 8.5kg gas bottle capacity
  • Safety features such as fire extinguisher, smoke detector and locks
  • Our much loved craftsmen-built natural timber kitchens
  • 16 x 7 inch allow wheels with all-terrain tyres
  • spare wheel in own cover, mounted to roof rack
  • Hand brake / park brake

And the ability to personalise your Brumby through a whole range of included custom choices. Click on the button VIEW CUSTOM SWATCHES to see your choices. Note guard colour does not apply to the Brumby models.



Start with a BRUMBY and add upgrades and accessories as you like, or...go for the BRUMBY WILD with the works!

Like all our Gidget Campers, the Bondi is custom-built to order regardless of the model type. Each one is a work of art and personalized to your tastes. You choose your body color, curtain fabric pattern, cushion color, handle style as well as a choice from 3 different types of gorgeous Australian natural timbers – all included in the standard prices.

You can also add options and upgrades if you like, for example, a specialty timber, multiple batteries, or AIR suspension.