The End of the World’s Most Decadent Luxury Hotel in Patagonia

Patagonia, a vast area that straddles the southern ends of Chile, Argentina and Chile, has been a lure to adventurers for its granite peaks, creeping glaciers, and windswept pampas. It was the last frontier and the best place to start new in a world that is shrinking borders. Today, backpackers are still a common sight at popular spots such as Los Glaciares and Torres del Paine National Park. For those who have the means to afford it, luxury can be found at the bottom of the world.

Patagonian hoteliers can create luxurious hotels and lodges for high-end travellers who want the rare and elegant.

These luxury hotels are located in Patagonia’s most beautiful areas, from the mountains to the plains.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

Tierra Patagonia, part of the upscale Tierra chain of hotels, combines adventure with wellness in Chile’s most beautiful wild places. It is undoubtedly the Grande Dame. The hotel’s two-story structure, made of blonde wood and gently curving curves, blends harmoniously with its surroundings. It rises out of nature like an extension of the Pampas.

A selection of suite rooms, including Superior, Superior and Standard rooms, is austerely decorated and offers stunning views of Lago Sarmiento, Torres del Paine and Torres del Paine. These can be enjoyed from comfortable lounges or sunny verandas with hanging chairs. After a day of exploring, guests can relax at the Uma spa and enjoy a dip in the indoor infinity pool. The world-class restaurant serves contemporary Patagonian food. A Calafate Sour is a pisco sour made with Calafate berries.

Awasi Patagonia

Patagonia is known for its isolation. Awasi Patagonia makes that possible by making each room a unique villa. Each villa is on a private reserve and has a striking exterior made of black-framed, ashy Brownwood. It can be seen from the forest of native Lenga trees at the top of a hill overlooking Torres del Paine. You can also admire it from your private wood-burning hot tub.

You will find a cosy living room, a bedroom with a fireplace and an en suite bathroom. Large windows offer stunning views. The Main Lodge serves a seasonal, European-style menu that guests can enjoy at the restaurant. Have you ever tried Guanaco Tartar? The best thing about each villa is its 4WD vehicle and designated guide. This allows guests to explore the area at their own pace.

Singular Patagonia

A sprawling complex of red-brick buildings is located on the shores of Last Hope Sound, Chilean Patagonia. It was originally a meat-packing plant but has since been transformed into the Singular Patagonia hotel.

The original brickwork has been preserved, but renovations such as glass walkways above the historic foundations have brought the hotel into the modern age. After daily excursions such as horseback riding or fly fishing, guests can enjoy the hotel’s two restaurants, bar, spa, and luxuriously decorated communal areas.

Llao Llao Hotel

Bariloche’s stately Llao Llao Hotel is surrounded by mountains, forests and lakes. It recalls European Alpine lodges. The most distinctive features of Argentine Patagonia’s most luxurious resort are two wings with posh rooms and stunning views.

The hotel’s 18-hole green is surrounded by beautiful wilderness. Guests can enjoy various activities, including kayaking, cycling and golf. You will find a high-end spa offering speciality treatments such as hydrotherapy and several restaurants nearby, including the Winter Garden featuring its Llao Llao hot tea.

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