The Most Charming Cities in America

NYC, Chicago and LA are the top five most populous metropolises globally. But America’s most charming cities attract visitors with their coolness, art and bohemian crowds. These are the most unique and coolest cities in America, from rainy Seattle and bluesy Memphis to Charleston and New Orleans.

America has some fantastic cities, sure—but the most beautiful towns in America offer something all their own. 

Austin, Texas

It’s easy to see why Austin, Texas, the capital of Texas, has become a vibrant college town with its innovative spirit and remarkable live music culture. Austin is known as The Live Music Capital of the World. It welcomes visitors with all sorts of entertainment venues. More than 250 of these are dedicated to living entertainment.

Music isn’t the only thing that attracts this laid-back, funky Texan city. Austin is a strange and wonderful mix of beautiful scenery, amazing outdoor opportunities, gourmet restaurants, art galleries, tech-fluent residents, and various other attractions.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is a charming city with beautiful historic homes, delicious barbeque and low prices. It is Memphis’s unique musical heritage that gives it its identity.

It’s no surprise that the biggest city in Tennessee is home to the blues, Elvis and Johnny Cash. Graceland and Beale Street are the best examples of the city’s rich musical heritage.

You’ll feel at home in Memphis’s warm, contagious atmosphere, whether you’re there for the “King”, barbecue, festivals, or the love of blues.

Charleston, South Carolina

Rich history, varied culture, religious tolerance, excellently-preserved antebellum architecture, and unrivalled Southern hospitality are probably the aspects that best describe Charleston – one of the friendliest and most polite cities in the United States. This South Carolina city is also romantic, with its cobblestone streets lined by elegant mansions, charming churches, and old-fashioned gas lights.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is known for its jazz, Mardi Gras and delicious food. It’s also home to legendary cafe culture.

The Crescent City is home to a variety of vibrant neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood has its unique flavour and architecture. New Orleans’ bars are buzzing with energy; there are many vintage shops to browse; excellent restaurants offer some of the finest food in America, and you can hear great live music at every corner.

Seattle, Washington

Despite all the technological advancements and popularity, Seattle still retains its natural beauty and unique local charm. The city is full of smart, educated people who live in hip, artistic neighbourhoods.

An increasing number of tech-savvy residents are in love with coffee and gadgets, and a variety of waterside attractions help to add to Seattle’s Jazz roots. This has transformed rainy Seattle into a hipster’s dream.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has been recently named America’s top city. It is known for its unique mix of music and history. While the Country Music Capital of the World has a progressive outlook, it retains its Southern charm and charming old-world vibe. It has a wonderful mix of old and new hipsters, cowboy boots and fine restaurants, and country taverns and country taverns.

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