October is the best month to visit Tuscany.

October is a great time to visit Tuscany. There are many festivals celebrating the region’s bounty, alfresco lunches and fewer people at Florence’s top attractions. The harvest season is in full swing, and the air is filled with the sweet aromas of roasted chestnuts. However, the weather is still warm and sunny, even though it is a little less unpredictable than in September.

October’s slower pace, cooler temperatures, and lower temperatures make it the ideal time to visit the area’s museums and art-filled churches, explore charming food markets, walk the cobblestone streets of its hilltop villages, and see the stunning Tuscan landscapes in autumn colours. Mid-fall is a great time to visit the area, as it offers new wine and olive oils tastings, truffle hunting, and a unique opportunity to eat in the local culture.

Here are some reasons why October is the best time to visit Tuscany.

It is beautiful outside.

Although September may seem like a continuation of summer in Tuscany, October is when autumn takes hold. This means you can enjoy the outdoors, take in the sights, or even sunbathe on the coast with comfortable temperatures.

In the evenings, you will need a sweater or jacket. But, the days are warm and sunny with temperatures between 20degC and 25degC, particularly in the first half. It is quite common to have rain at this time of the year. However, there are many museums, magnificent basilicas, cosy trattorias and other places to shelter.

There is plenty of room for you to breathe.

September remains the high season in central Italy. October is the transition to the Tuscan low-season. If you want to see the beautiful countryside of central Italy and the quintessential hill villages without crowds, this is the right time.

The rolling hills of Chianti are full of vibrant reds and yellows. Siena’s magnificent medieval streets and squares have been reclaimed and restored by the locals.

Florence’s summer crowds begin to shrink. Classical music performances occur in the city’s churches and historical opera houses, as well as a procession towards Duomo that celebrates the co-patron saint (Santa Reprarata). On the first Sunday of each month, you can visit state museums such as the Uffizi, Galleria dell’Accademia and Palazzo Pitti.

October is a great month to ride around the city walls of Lucca and discover the medieval nooks, crannies, and streets of Pienza, the ideal Renaissance town.

A lower number of tourists means lower prices, less time spent at major attractions, better photography opportunities and a more authentic experience overall.

It is food lovers’ heaven.

It is autumn when Tuscany tastes its best. The local markets and woods are full of mushrooms in October. Game dishes appear heavily on restaurant menus. Chestnut stalls sprout up throughout the region. By the end of the month, Vino Novello (young wines) begins to make its way onto the shelves. The olive harvest is from September through December, and this is a great time to enjoy the fett’unta, toasted bread infused with extra virgin olive oil.

It’s the perfect time to go on a foodie tour of Tuscany. Explore its rich culinary traditions and enjoy the delicious local produce. Foodies might want to switch their gelato for a piece of Castagnaccio. Warm up with a bowl of rich ribollita or a warm plate of Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragu in a cosy trattoria. Then, celebrate the season with creamy risotto with precious Tartufo Bianco.

Mid-October marks the opening of white truffle season. Hunting for them in San Miniato between Florence and Pisa is a wonderful experience. There are many opportunities to participate in guided tastings, cooking classes and harvest festivals. 

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