What to Pack for your Trip

It doesn’t matter if you’re packing for a long road trip, spring break in Mexico, or weekend trips to Toronto; packing light has never been easier. Behind the Bricks has some great tips to help you pack everything you need in your suitcase.

1. Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to fit more in your suitcase/duffle. Rolling your clothes saves almost twice the space of folding. Your larger clothes, such as jeans or outerwear, should be first. Then move on to your smaller items like tee shirts or tank tops. This tip will make packing easy for your next trip.

2. Packing cubes are a great idea

If rolling your clothes is still not an option, you might consider packing cubes. TJ Maxx and Bed, Bath and Beyond sell packing cubes at the checkout. These fabric containers, which are zippered and made of fabric, not only increase the space in your suitcase but also allow you to keep your luggage organized throughout your trip.

3. Take travel-size toiletries

You don’t have to travel with your favorite shampoo or face wash. Before you leave for your trip, make sure to buy some empty travel-sized toiletries containers.

4. Place things in your shoes

Shoes are great for packing easily! Make sure you don’t waste the extra space in your shoes. This is the ideal spot to stuff jewellery or socks into your shoes.

5. Your shoes should take up the least space

A second tip is to wear the shoes that take up the least space in your suitcase. Instead of packing your Timberland boots in your suitcase, you can take them with you on the plane.

6. Your largest outerwear should be worn on planes/buses/etc.

To save space on your luggage/duffel, you should always take your biggest pair of shoes with you when travelling. The same applies to outerwear. Don’t try to pack your bulky winter jacket. Instead, you can wear it over your travel clothes.

7. Make sure to pack plenty of neutral colors

Avoid being too adventurous with your outfit choices and packing clothes you might not wear. When you are limited on space, don’t bring too many colourful clothes. Instead, pack neutral tones. You can match any pair of jeans with simple black jeans. The same goes for shoes. Avoid packing too many shoes for every outfit. Instead, pack two pairs of neutral and comfortable shoes.

8. Take your bag and add more.

It will compress everything in your suitcase by zipping it up once it is full or appears full. After you zip it up, reopen it. You should compress everything you have packed so that you have more space to add more!

These travel tips will help you bring three more outfits on your trip. You can save space by even trying one of these tips, so give it a shot, happy travelling!

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