Knowing Bali High Season Travelling and Best Time to Go to Bali

Bali is well-known as one of best islands to enjoy your holiday. I is necessary to know high season in Bali. Bali is famous not only for local tourist but foreign tourists from some countries in the world come to Bali every year. They like to enjoy the beautiful views, best sunset and sunrise from the beautiful beach, and learn traditional and unique culture in Bali. When you have a plan to go to Bali, you suppose to know bali high season well because all places in Bali will be crowded with lots of people from all countries. You will not be able to enjoy all things in Bali.
In Bali, there will be three seasons. First you can come in normal season. Second, you need to think twice to come in high season. Third you should avoid visiting Bali in peak season. Normal season in Bali is after peak season. You will get some benefits when you come in Normal season. You will get all affordable accommodation in normal seasons such as for hotels, transportation, tickets to visit some best destinations in Bali and some other benefits. You will be easy to find best hotel that you want and enjoy best facilities and service when you come to Bali in normal season.
How about high season? Bali high season is in July up to September every years. In the months, all people enjoy summer holiday and school holiday. When you come to Bali in July up to September you will not be able to find hotel in easy way. You must be patient with traffic jam in all places and you will never get your private holiday.
As it is said above, it is important for you to avoid peak season at least you want to get some risks when you come in peak season. Peak season in Bali is in December up to January. All hotels are booked and there are lots of people in all destinations in Bali. There are some activities that you can do in Bali such as surfing. You must know best time to come to Bali and do surfing. You’ll be better to come to Bali in April to October when you really want enjoy your surfing activities. For you who want to enjoy festivals in Bali or some important events, you can come in July to October but you must book hotels or accommodations earlier because it is Bali high season. You must prepare more money too to come to Bali in high season.

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