Some Bali Travel Hints and Tips for Real Traveler

All people have a dream to come to Bali. Bali is one of wonderful islands in the world. People from so many countries come to Bali because they really want to see beautiful beach in Bali and they want to know more about Balinese’s culture. There are some best restaurants, hotels, and travel destinations that you must visit when you are in Bali. For all of you who plan to come to Bali and you really need to know some information about Bali, you better read Bali travel hints and tips here and you will enjoy your holiday in Bali.

First for all of you who want to come to Bali, please make sure that you know three seasons in Bali, normal season, high season and peak season. You can choose to come to Bali in normal season when you have limited budget and you really enjoy your holiday. For all of you who want to see attractive events and festivals, you must come in high season. If you want to enjoy different holiday then you can come in peak season.

Second, please make sure that you prepare and plan accommodation before you go to Bali. You need to choose hotel to stay when you are in Bali. Bali will always full with all tourists. That is why when you don’t book your hotel before you will not be able to get best place to stay or you may pay higher price for your hotel. It is one of important Bali travel hints and tips that you must do. It is good to book your hotel and all things three months before you go to Bali so you will get lower price for your hotel.

Third, you need to bring light clothes when you come to Bali. In Bali you will visit some beaches and you need to wear T-shirt or light clothes. Bali is known as one of hot tropical islands so you never need to bring sweater, coat and jackets. You need to think twice to bring heavy items on your bag or luggage. And those are you need to know how to visit Bali.

When you are backpacker you must get detail information about Bali. You will not get help from guide and you need to search all information by using internet. You can find some places to visit and some cheap hotels to go. You can find homestay too that is offered in cheap price for backpack. After you read all Bali travel hints and tips above, you will be able to enjoy your holiday in Bali.

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