Some Advices before Traveling to Bali

Bali is well known as a famous tourist destination in the world. There are a lot of visitors who come from various countries in the world, who want to enjoy the beauty of this island. When we are traveling or traveled to a place, we want a comfortable and safe atmosphere for us. But such conditions are not always we get. Wherever we are, we should always be careful of anything that is around us.This is an advice for us when traveling to Bali.
Consider whether it is good for us or not, whether it is safe for us or not. There are times when we get an unpleasant incident when we were traveling or traveled, such as in Bali, for example. When we traveled, the sound is absolutely what we should think, because when we are sick, then of course we would mess tour event. In some countries even gives advice for those who want to travel to Bali. Bali travel health advice about what happened in Bali, and how to keep yourself health while in Bali and when we get home from Bali. There is no harm if we study it before we left for Bali.
Bali travel health advice for some people who like spicy, so be careful with spicy dishes in Bali, not everyone is able to eat spicy foods such as spicy flavor that is not the same as spicy flavors that exist in any country. Consider the cleanliness food, beverage and restaurant, be careful of what we eat or drink, whether washed with clean, well-cooked, if we are not careful we might be stricken with diarrhea.
Alcoholic drinks also need to be cautious, one is arak, check is the Arak pure, and made hygienically. Notice that there are insects, especially mosquitoes, always use mosquito repellent, so we are free from mosquito bites. If we often are outdoors then use the appropriate clothing and bring some equipment such as insect spray, sunscreen and a basic first aid kit. Do not forget to always bring a drink so we did not feel dehydrated. If we want to use the spa facilities, then you should consider whether the place is clean, the equipment used is clean and also used the cream that standards, suitable to be used, lest we get allergies just because a cream that is used does not match our skin.
Here some Bali travel health advice tips, view thing to consider are obtaining wash your hands before eating. If there are no soap and water in that place, then wash your hands with the sanitizer. Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief, whenever you cough or sneeze. Try to avoid any contact with sick people, if you are sick, then you should stay at home or in a hotel room, or go to the clinic center. You must limit your alcohol consumption. People take more risks when they are drunk. You should not share needles or equipment that could injure our skin, which includes needles for tattoos, body piercing, and acupuncture. If you receive any medical or dental care, make sure the equipment is disinfected or sterilized. When you are travel, there is nothing wrong to us write a list doctors and hospitals list in Bali.

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